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Disaster Junkies

We live in an era where catastrophe looms large in the political imagination. On the one side, we find hellacious visions of climate crisis and ecological collapse; on the other, grim warnings of social disintegration through plummeting birth rates, mass immigration and crime. Popular culture’s vivid post-apocalyptic worlds, from Cormac McCarthy’s The Road to Margaret … Continue reading Disaster Junkies

How the Celebs Rule Us

Who should we call the first “Instagram billionaire”? It’s a mark of the new Gilded Age we’ve entered that both women vying for that title belong to the same family, the illustrious Kardashian-Jenner clan. In 2019, it looked like Kylie Jenner had passed the ten-figure mark, only for Forbes to revise its estimates, declaring that Jenner had … Continue reading How the Celebs Rule Us

Terra damnata

A thousand regrets The blossoms were ravenous, and wild.They swallowed a streetlight and turned into a hugeglowing dandelion, snatching passers-byin their intimate net of shadows.  No one remembered how to approach such a vicious thing. Finally it fell into a mosaicof shriveled tissue, gasping in the acrid glare. All summer the wind was herding voicesbehind its … Continue reading Terra damnata

How Napoleon made the British

In 1803, the poet and philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote to a friend about his relish at the prospect of being invaded by Napoleon Bonaparte. “As to me, I think, the Invasion must be a Blessing,” he said, “For if we do not repel it, & cut them to pieces, we are a vile sunken … Continue reading How Napoleon made the British